John Vento Set To Release ‘Brick by Brick’ (out on April 14th)

John Vento delivers an incredible, hook-filled screed of defiance on the wild “Brick by Brick.” Going for a true sense of patriotism, the song radiates infectious energy. The volume here cannot be enough. It is a physical presence and deserves a loud, proud intensity. His voice rises above the whole piece giving him a Bruce Springsteen signature, from the hit of the drums to the fantastic chorus that backs him up. Beats perfectly sync up with the keyboard swells and guitars to present a driving rhythm that sweeps everything up in this carefully considered manner. At times carefully controlled and at other moments purely reckless, an unexpected joy is found within its message.

The song starts immediately. He chooses his words carefully. Every verse adds to this journey-like quality, with his intelligent, thought-provoking work having a buoyancy. Grooves go for the heavy as they unfurl across the horizon. Plenty of colors enter the fray, with melodies chosen and sculpted for maximum impact. Even the track’s title plays an essential role in getting the mood moving. A community experience works wonders because the band constantly grows bigger and bigger. By the time they reach the finale, it all has this symphonic grace, allowing everything that came before to circle for one more resurgence before it simply slips away.

“Brick by Brick” presents a world of true hope, with John Vento proving to be a skilled lyricist, creating an anthem that is addictive.