@SKOPEMAG: Kwun ‘Ageless Ancient & True’ 

Newcomer Kwun cancels all outside noise, fuelled by pure emotion, to construct the ultimate love song, ‘Ageless Ancient & True.’ His inward-looking lyricism sounds swift and effortless, but it is all due to Kwun’s emotional awareness and natural talent. 

The core of ‘Ageless Ancient & True’ emerged from a powerful shaman session, Kwun partook in the Andes Mountains of Peru. This spiritual experience strips back any unnecessary factors and creates a natural flow of thoughts, feelings, and emotions. 

Kwun’s session resulted in his state of heightened awareness, enabling clarity for the ‘Ageless Ancient & True’ to be born. The lyrics took the lead, with a followed-up production process in Kwun’s hometown of Glastonbury, Uk. 

‘Ageless Ancient & True’ paints with a blend of Rock, Americana, and Funk, soundscapes of 432Hz tuning, a frequency aligning with nature and the human body. 

Listen to ‘Ageless Ancient & True’ out now. 


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