Hotel Ugly drops catchy R&B pop track ‘Fish Maan’

Hotel Ugly by now should need no introduction. The viral outfit have been making the biggest of the waves in the industry since their stellar debut ‘Shut up My Moms Calling’, probably one of the biggest this turn of the streaming decade from a previously unknown artist. Their immediate hooks, mixed with a chilled R&B synth led style captured the hearts of many in that pandemic stricken year of 2020, when everyone felt like they needed a little pick me up, with Hotel Ugly providing the perfect remedy.

Their second single of 2023 feels like a bit of a throwback to that first hit, in ‘Fish Maan’, Mike Vince, the brains behind Ugly, brings his renowned pop-woven melodies that hit such a sweet spot to the ear, with lyricism that is strong and relatable. The almost reggae-like instrumentation lends itself perfectly to Vince’s vocals, which is what has made this so successful in the modern day. If you need a lift today, check out ‘Fish Maan’.