Fresh Da Zoe Releases “Demon”

Widson Pierre was born on January 11th, 1990, in Port Au Prince, Haiti. In a town known as much for its beauty as its violence, he learned to cope by writing poetry. Over the years, he mapped out his departure by starting to learn English, and when he moved to Boston in 2010, he rebirthed himself as the fierce and fearless Fresh Da Zoe. With dynamic flow and a casually confrontational style, the Haitian emcee spins stories and scenes that reflect his rags-to-riches story. Hits like “No Sleep” have garnered hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify and have earned a legion of fans around the world. As he continues to drop single after single, Mr. Voodoo Flow continues building a legacy beyond that of any Haitian rapper before him—blazing a trail littered with the dropped jaws of anyone who dares try to stop him.

Fresh Da Zoe’s new banger, “Demon,” is a definitive statement of the artist’s posture towards his critics. Over a Herman Muenster-style piano loop amped up by a classic Atlanta trap beat, Mr. Voodoo Flow lays waste to ex-lovers, ex-employers, rivals, and posers without discrimination. For these nobodies, he’s got no heart. He knows his worth, and if you don’t—look out, you might get haunted.

The music video (or, shall we say, short film) for Demon opens with a wide shot of Boston. Even on the streets of his adopted home, Fresh Da Zoe isn’t safe; within seconds of seeing him, he’s kidnapped by gangsters out to deliver his heart to their boss. The joke’s on them: this cold killer ain’t got one. As the track lifts off, we step into scenes of splendor and strife from the emcee’s life. Surrounded by his twerking succubi, he drops fools like Lucifer falling from heaven. The film ends with the assassination of one of his captors and a teaser toward further installments of his demonic reign. Stay tuned… if you dare.

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