What Everyone Must Know About Timeshare Exit Companies? 

Timeshare can indeed provide a fantastic vacation place. However, it can cost thousands of dollars annually in maintenance fees, making people want to disburden them. Timeshare owners are on the hook for paying annual dues and fees, and timeshare exit companies give help getting out of a timeshare agreement. 

The best timeshare cancellation company aims to terminate the timeshare agreement legally. These companies offer a beneficial service to the timeshare owners who no longer want the timeshare. Although timeshare exit companies are not all, they cracked up to be.   

This post introduces some great stuff from Timeshare companies, read on to find them all. 

Scams Made by Timeshare Exit Companies 

Every timeshare exit companies are not trustworthy, some fraud companies make false promises with the clients. These companies waste people’s money or time and create more problems regarding the timeshare exit. 

Here are some spotless scams made by the fraud timeshare exit companies: 

  • Bold Claims– The fraud timeshare exit companies make bold claims by guaranteeing that they will get you out from your timeshare and claim you by saying how easy, quick, and cheap it is for you to get free from your contract before understanding the unique situation or explaining the exit strategy.  
  • High Up-front fee– Never pay an upfront fee for a timeshare exit. Many fraudulent companies always ask for an upfront fee and promise to terminate the timeshare but fail to complete it.  
  • Withheld From Exit Process– While investing the money into a timeshare exit, the owners expect the company to communicate with them at every step. Many fraud exit companies keep in the dark and never talk about the exit strategy and use unethical practices.  

List of 5 Best Timeshare Exit Companies  

The five best and trustworthy timeshare exit companies that are accredited to BBB (Better Business Bureau) are mentioned below: 

  • Timeshare Compliance 
  • Timeshare Specialists 
  • Wesley Financial Group 
  • Seaside Consulting Group 
  • Resolution Timeshare 

1. Timeshare Compliance: Timeshare Compliance is the best timeshare cancellation company located at Aliso Viejo, California. It has been in this business since 2012.  

Services offered by Timeshare Compliance: Offers escrow payment guarantee, eliminates timeshare liabilities, timeshare exit takes 6-18 months, responsible team, offers personal credit monitoring services.  

2. Timeshare Specialists: Timeshare Specialists is another timeshare cancellation company located in Bozeman, Montana. It has been working in this business since 2014. 

Services offered by Timeshare Specialists: No upfront fee, credit will not be negatively affected, excellent customer Service, ready to work with low maintenance fee timeshares, work with inherited timeshares, and work with the purchased timeshare on the resale market.  

3. Wesley Financial Group: Wesley Financial Group is a well-known timeshare exit company in Las Vegas, NV, and Franklin in TN. It has been operating since 2011.  

Services offered by Wesley Financial Group: Gives 100% money-back guarantee, excellent customer service, 350+ employees, offers attorneys.  

4. Seaside Consulting Group: Seaside Consulting Group is another trustworthy timeshare exit company that claims to terminate timeshare. It has been working in this industry since 2014 and is located at Encinitas, California.  

Services offered by Seaside Consulting Group: Offers an escrow payment option, excellent customer service, works with attorneys, ready to work with owners in collection and foreclosure, can work with the owners behind on maintenance fees.  

5. Resolution Timeshare: Resolution Timeshare is the best timeshare exit company that aims to cancel timeshare within the given time. It has been working in this business since 2019 and is located at Madison, NJ.  

Services offered by Resolution Timeshare:  Works with attorneys, ready to work with low maintenance fee timeshares, provide escrow payment option. 


In conclusion, a timeshare seems a good vacation option, but it can cost up to thousand dollars by paying the maintenance fee. The only solution for the timeshare exit is hiring the best timeshare cancellation company. But many scammers are in this industry, scamming people by making bold claims and charging high upfront fees. 

So, avoiding these scams is better by choosing the timeshare exit companies accredited to BBB. Hope it helps!

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