Shopping With Bitcoin: 7 Major Retailers That Accept Cryptocurrencies

For several years, the public and businesses have awaited rapid and hassle-free modes of payment for online and offline stores. People seek Bitcoin with a bit of hope as the crypto is slowly and yet steadily fixing its foothold across every corner. The Blockchain is an online ledger where the cryptos are traded and built, similar to the crypto investment platforms like

A few businesses are accepting crypto payments on the rise steadily, starting from the larger tech companies to the smaller retailers. There are several major online retail stores that accept cryptos as a preferred mode of payment. In our post today, we will enlist the top seven eCommerce or online stores accepting Bitcoin or Crypto modes of payment.

  1. Starbucks

Starbucks has since long supported blockchain technology and digital currencies. The firm later announced in October that it has started accepting Bitcoin as a payment mode for services and goods. Since its inception in 2018, Starbucks, along with accepting Bitcoin, also accepts litecoin and ether are modes of payment.

  1. Shopify

Shopify is a prominent retail store that accepts Bitcoins. It is an e-commerce platform integrated with Coinbase allowing you to make payments in Bitcoins.

As a merchant, Shopify allows you to access the online dashboard in just a click and then select Coinbase as the processor of your payments while taking a few simple steps. It allows you to sell tangible items with bitcoin, similar to buying things using fiat currencies. All these earnings get converted into Bitcoins.

  1. Kmart 

Kmart is a subsidiary of Sears, where everything is on the crypto platform. Kmart has integrated with BitPay allowing customers to use Bitcoin to pay for their online orders and buy gift cards that can get used in-store. 

  1. Newegg

If you aim to pay for a hotel with Bitcoins, Expedia is the perfect resource. Expedia has started to accept payments in Bitcoin to make flight purchases, get bookings for hotels, and get cars to rent. If you are in search of saving a few bucks on the expenses related to travel, then it is better to avoid the high credit card feed while making payments in Bitcoin, and Expedia is the ideal option.

The firm is even offering holiday specials that aid you in getting your money’s worth by using Bitcoin while you book your trip. Expedia supports several currencies while offering the best customer services; therefore, it is well worth considering if you need a platform for booking your next vacation with cryptocurrency.

  1. Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market, a popular national grocery chain, has embraced the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a payment option. The company began accepting Bitcoin in 2017 and has since added support for Ethereum and Litecoin. In early 2018, the company announced plans to expand its support for additional digital currencies. 

According to Deirdre Schuon, a spokesperson for Whole Foods Market, the decision to accept crypto currencies is part of the company’s strategy to be at the forefront of providing affordable and convenient food options to consumers who are interested in exploring new technologies. As an added incentive, the store offers discounts and promotions on products purchased with crypto currencies.

  1. Dell 

Dell is next on the list of the popular retail stores accepting Bitcoin, while there are other crypto investing platforms that investors can use. Whenever you are planning on purchasing an electronic device from Dell, such as laptops or desktops, consumers can pay with Bitcoins.

  1. Rakuten

Rakuten, anMNC cloud service and eCommerce company in Japan accepts cryptocurrency payments. Rakuten functions its network of global payments, and the company is known to accept as a payment provider by prominent crypto exchanges like Binance, OKEx, and Bitfinex. Rakuten is also known to operate its crypto exchange named Rakuten.


These were just a few retail stores and merchants who accepted Bitcoins as modes of payment. However, some companies have been accepting bitcoin for a while, as it is only in the last couple of years that individuals are gotten noticed.

The latest online services and retailers join daily while people find self-shopping online a simple job due to the global presence of Bitcoin. Along with convenience, using Bitcoins for payments eliminates getting one, as the system is highly secure.