Trevor Owen Releases ‘And The Moon Rising’

One can sense the joy and creativity that went into the making of this new album titled ‘And The Moon Rising’. This music project came about when producer and longtime friend, Marcus Vichert, approached Trevor Owen about cutting a new record. The rest is history as ‘And The Moon Rising’ was born!

The new album includes six of Trevor’s own songs, including one co-written with Marcus Vichert, and four interpretations Trevor Owen has played over the years. Trevor Owen handles guitars and vocals plus piano on the song “I Get That Feeling”. Other musicians on ‘And The Moon Rising’ include: Jeff Beauchamp on bass for four tracks & vocals, Jamie Bird on drums, percussion and vocals, Donavon LeNabat on keyboards & vocals, Keira McArthur on cello & vocals and Marcus Vichert on slide, acoustic, sustainer and mando-guitars. Braden Sauder, with Marquee Sound, served as engineer for ‘And The Moon Rising’ and Stephen Stepanic mastered the entire album at Joao Carvalho Mastering. The whole project came together wonderfully as Trevor Owen is shining bright with ‘And The Moon Rising’.

The record kicks off with the title track that offers a pleasant and simple melody right out of the gates. “And The Moon Rising” will move you and get your attention right away as the listener gets hooked into the Trevor Owen sound. Musical sparks are flying next on “Fire Moon” where things certainly seem to be heating up for Trevor Owen. Track three, “Horizontal”, provides a jazzy ‘n’ classy touch and is a catchy tune you will want to snap your fingers to. Emotional notes come pouring out on the following song, “I Get That Feeling”, where one will get lost within the music. What a great feeling it is because “I Get That Feeling” is just full of love and provides a sense of comfort toward the listener. Prepare to sway left and right to the welcoming sounds of “Make Me Feel” where the entertaining beat will consume you. Track six, “The More, the More”, supplies plenty of good vibes where you will hear sensible lyrics like: “The more we know, the more we can know”. “The message behind “The More, the More” stands out and gives the listener something to chew on. Simple as that! Trevor Owen hits you with a snazzy & peppy arrangement on “Not The Only One” where the melody feels oh so right! I’m truly enjoying the bluesy hook on “Richland Woman Blues”, which also packs a positive punch of sound. Trevor delivers a solid performance with potent lyrics on “Sweet Bitter” that will have a direct impact on the listener. “Sweet Bitter” contains many thought-provoking lines like: “Fiction is the truth, the truth is in the story.” Trevor Owen provides the perfect ending with “Tell Me What It Looks Like” where it all revolves around the true meaning of love.

I may not know what it looks like but I can definitely tell the readers what it sounds like when it comes to this 10-song set. ‘And The Moon Rising’ is filled with fun, meaningful and heartfelt songs that Trevor Owen carefully crafted one by one. With rich material and pristine instrumentation, ‘And The Moon Rising’ is a BIG hit! Whether there is a full moon on the way or not, Trevor Owen has proved that the stars have aligned with his glowing performance on ‘And The Moon Rising’.

By Jimmy Rae