YESH is Making Waves in the Music Industry

Released Friday, February 24th this hot new single was written and produced by his self in his home studio after a short musical hiatus, Plain View touches on what it is like to put it all out in the open. Whether it’s with romantic relationships, life in the streets or the music in itself, he wears his heart on his sleeve. Although this track is simple in design, the space is filled with emotion. 

The beat is filled with chill piano melodies that are completely original. The creativity in this young artist is outstanding, without the use of samples, he strives to create charts that others will one day sample from. This track is a fresh take on modern day HipHop with a unique sound, deep lyrics, and smooth vocals that effortlessly flow from a catchy hook to relatable verses. This is an impressive single that creates a “vibey” atmosphere and showcases the raw talent of not only the voice of this artist, but the production, and ability to leave the listener feeling as if they connected with this new, promising artist. There’s no doubt that one day soon the “Plain View” creator will take over this niche in HipHop. His ability to leave you wanting more while still feeling satisfied is surely something special. Stylistically there isn’t anyone this diverse while still being completely enjoyable. 

YESH is exactly what the industry needs, a multi talented artist from Las Vegas, Nevada; whose authentic and diverse sound continues to push the limits with his genre bending, alternative hip-hop style. This rising star dives beneath the surface with songs that touch on growing up too soon, addiction, and failed relationships. Whether you’re looking for a track that will get you hype, reflect, or just vibe, the Vegas native has it all. You can find YESH’s music on all major streaming services, so keep an eye out because he isn’t one to miss, with confirmed new music on the way.


Plain View: