Prianca RA continues her mental health awareness campaign with new single “Noticed”

British-Indian singer and songwriter from Leicester is back with a new and emotional single. Prianca RA incorporates her multicultural identity into her music and is changing the culture of communication through songwriting.

As she opens up about her mental health struggles in her songs, listeners can resonate with the pain and turmoil that comes with suffering in silence. Passionate about helping others, Prianca RA aims to bring more awareness around mental health and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health through music.

In this new track, Prianca brings to light the early stages of depression, when she wasn’t officially diagnosed yet. It is also a tribute to the singer’s grandmother, who was the first to notice her granddaughter’s condition – even before Prianca herself. An 85-year-old woman with no teaching on mental health recognised that Prianca was depressed – something the singer was in total denial about due to fear of the implications.


The song, which is 6-minute long, covers Prianca’s journey from the initial stage of depression to seeing a ‘glimmer of hope’ again for the future. Additionally, she acknowledges the importance of self-love. In particular, the artist realises that seeking love and validation from external sources cannot replace the need to love oneself.