Max Sarre brings it all in electro-pop anthem ‘Precision’

20-year-old London based Max Sarre is looking to reach the very top. His feel-good and intoxicating brand of pop has seems to have sky-rocketed him into full flight mode, and he begins 2023 in the same fashion with ‘Precision’. Confident and empowering lyrics from Sarre fill the air amongst the fresh and modernised production, in what is a fulfilling combination that speaks to the pop infused masses.

Always the optimist, Max brings a sense of empowerment too, all signalling towards the fact that he belongs in this world. ‘Precision’ is that perfect party pop playlist banger, all alliteration intended. Check it out now.

Max says “Precision is a positive and confident electropop banger about how you should always feel good about how you go about your life. Be happy and confident with the person you are – you’ve got this!”