Doug Cox and Linda McRae Release ‘Beyond The Great Pause’

When two, award-winning recording artists get together to record an album, special things can happen and magic can sometimes be in the air. That is exactly the case for singer/songwriters, Doug Cox and Linda McRae where everything was clicking on ‘Beyond The Great Pause’. To my surprise, this album was recorded over just 3 nights in the Spring of 2022. ‘Beyond The Great Pause’ was mixed by Doug Cox and Mike Sutcliffe at Garden Studios, Courtenay, BC and mastered by Doug Cox. The end result on ‘Beyond The Great Pause’ is nothing short of stupendous where Doug Cox & Linda McRae prove to be a dynamic duo in the making.

On this record, we have Doug Cox on vocals, acoustic guitar and dobro and Linda McRae on vocals, acoustic guitar, accordion and banjo. The disc also features three special guests and they are: Daniel Lapp, Cindy Larsen/Marcotte and Kim Richey. ‘Beyond The Great Pause’ blends together elements of folk, blues and Americana in brilliant fashion where the audience will get lost within the music. This new release proves that Doug Cox and Linda McRae are two of Canada’s finest musicians and if you don’t believe me listen ‘Beyond The Great Pause’.

There are a number of excellent originals & covers on ‘Beyond The Great Pause’, so something for everyone. The album kicks off with the title track and offers a pleasant melody and satisfying sound that exhibits an organic feel. With relevant lyrics and superb instrumentation, “Beyond The Great Pause” is the perfect start. Next, we get a nice ‘n’ sweet tribute to a fallen musician on “Last Song You Played” where feelings & emotions unite. Many of you might know the following song called “Heroes”, which is a David Bowie classic. Doug Cox and Linda McRae bring a real human touch to “Heroes” where the effect is so pure in nature. Doug and Linda deliver an outstanding performance of “Heroes” and proves that “We can be heroes just for one day”. Track four, “Crow On The Cradle”, by Sydney Carter supplies lyrics that pack a punch and truly speak to the listener. “Crow On The Cradle” is musically rich and has a BIG impact on the listening audience. Flowing along, “Listen To The Water” is all about the mighty H20. “Listen To The Water” before it is all tapped out as Doug Cox and Linda McRae provide a strong message that will leave you thirsting for more. Next on “Rough Edges & Ragged Hearts”, one will hear Linda McRae singing & playing her heart out on this personal number. Linda gives a very sincere performance on “Rough Edges & Ragged Hearts” where she is laying it all out for everyone to hear. Track seven, “All Vine No Tater”, takes a glass-half-full approach to life and music making. It’s all about the bright side of living no matter how hard it gets on “All Vine No Tater”, so just roll with the friendly punches ‘n’ notes. “Paper Moon” by Harold Arlan and Yip Harburg is a nice cover where the chords and vocals mesh together wonderfully. “Paper Moon” fits Doug Cox and his vocal/playing style to a T where you just sense that this song was done right and working on ALL levels. Track nine, “Ready For The Times”, by Allen Reynolds will have you feeling like embracing change and striving for better times. “Waterloo Sunset” by Ray Davies is another cool cover by Doug Cox and Linda McRae where the vocals, guitar playing and melodies all come together nicely. The talented duo decides to end on a happy-go-lucky note with “The New Tim Hortons”. The lighthearted tone and friendly theme on “The New Tim Hortons” will welcome all listeners in with its inviting presence.

Doug Cox and Linda McRae are true wordsmiths and skilled musicians as they take you on a journey ‘Beyond The Great Pause’. With creative, thoughtful and relevant lyrics and pristine acoustic guitar strumming, this album will delight listeners everywhere. Doug Cox and Linda McRae prove to be a magnetic duo and ‘Beyond The Great Pause’ will magnify this truth to a great degree.

By Jimmy Rae