9 style tips for your four seater sofa

There’s no getting around the fact that a four seater sofa is a significant addition to any room, and wherever it goes, it will be a standout feature of the space.

So, it’s important to think not only about where in the room it’s going to go, but how it’s going to look and what you can do to enhance your four seater sofa, so it doesn’t look out of place.

To help, here are nine top style tips to transform your four seater sofa.

Choose the right cushions

Cushions are a must when you buy a sofa.

They’re useful when you want to put your head down for a 10 minute power nap, or enjoy some head or back support while watching TV, and they can also add a different style dimension to your sofa.

There are a few ways you can use cushions to change the look and feel of the sofa.

The first is with colour.

Choosing the same colour as your sofa creates a more consistent theme and is a great option when you don’t want too many contrasting shades in the room.

On the other hand, choosing different colours for your cushions (even different shades of your sofa colour) can add a bit of variety to the room’s palette.

The other way is to mix and match the size of cushions you use, which can create the impression of a larger or smaller sofa and add some depth to the seats.

Use a throw or a blanket

Adding a throw or a blanket is another way of easily adding colour contrast to your sofa without breaking your budget.

You can experiment with a simple colour contrast between your sofa and blanket or choose a patterned blanket to sit against a single colour sofa.

Not to mention, there’s nothing like covering yourself up with a soft blanket on a cold night or when you want to snuggle in front of the television.

A throw or a blanket can even help increase the lifespan of your sofa by protecting the material from too much wear and tear (something every couch goes through due to its typically heavy use).

Use foliage

You don’t have to turn your living room into a jungle, but potted plots or indoor foliage can help bring some natural colours into your living space and sit nicely against your sofa.

You can mix and match your plants between a few small and medium choices or go for a single large plant that can sit next to your sofa for a soothing, relaxed feel.

You could always opt for fake shrubbery if you’re not green fingered.

Opt for a side table

A small side table is an ideal accessory when you want somewhere to put a cup, mug or book if you don’t have the space for a coffee table.

It can be an excellent option for keeping things within easy reach, and you don’t need anything too big to do the job.

A side table also creates more opportunities to play around with colours and contrasting, helping you add variety or keep things simple with matching tones.

Choose a stylish coffee table

Four seater sofas are perfect for socialising with friends and family, and a coffee table makes the ideal accompaniment and furniture for people to sit around.

There are plenty of options to consider when opting for a coffee table.

You can go more natural with a solid wood table (a great choice if you’re adding plants or foliage to the room).

Or you can go for a little more modern with a glass countertop.

Choose a side lamp

Having the right lighting is everything in your living room, but you don’t always want to turn on the main light, especially when you want to relax and read.

Other times your main ceiling light may leave parts of the room dimmer, leaving those sitting on the edge of your sofa in the dark.

Adding a side lamp is the perfect accessory for adding dimmer lights in the evenings or ensuring every corner of the room is lit when you’ve got people over.

Bring your furniture together with a rug

Using a rug is an effective way to add texture or colour contrast to the floor, but it can also bring your furniture together by having a point to focus it around.

Combining your four seater sofa with a rug provides a simple way to create a dedicated space in any room, providing a natural point to add additional chairs or a coffee table for a social area.

Go for a footstool or ottoman

If you don’t want to opt for a recliner sofa, a stylish footstool or an ottoman makes the ideal addition to create the same effect, allowing you to sit back and put your feet up after a long day.

A footstool or ottoman has the added benefit of providing you with additional seating that can be repositioned around the coffee table when you have guests.

Depending on the style you’re going for, it’s usually best to pair your sofa with a matching colour footstool or ottoman to create a more solid appearance and make your seating area appear bigger.

Although there’s nothing wrong with mixing and matching colours and patterns to go with whatever style you want from your home.

Put something on the wall

Just as a rug can help add some contrast to the floor around your sofa, adding some additions to the wall behind your sofa, like some art or a mirror, can create the same effect.

Create the ideal living space with a stylish four seater sofa

Adding stylish accessories to and around your new four seater sofa is a great way to make your furniture feel less staged and more a part of the overall room.

You can do plenty of things to help create comfy seating areas or social spots in your living room that’ll have friends and family keen to keep coming round.

One of the best things you could do is lean on the experience of a professional sofa supplier and designer who can help you find the right sofa for your space and give you the perfect living space to enjoy your home.