Richard Lynch Releases ‘Better Off’

Reviewed by: Lee Callaghan
Evolution Music Press
February 12, 2023

Country troubadour Richard Lynch has released his latest album; Radio Friend and from that release, the lead-off track Better Off. What we have here is a contemporary Country upbeat jam with a nod to the classic tones we have grown up with. Richard Lynch being a student, and a master of the Country feelings has executed what is a textbook display of what a traditional Country should sound like. Better Off follows the thought process of all the aspects of one’s life we would be better off without, but in typical Richard Lynch fashion this tongue and cheek introspective are mixed with satire and humor. Radio Friend follows a line of hits, especially the dynamic and brilliant offering My Guitar Drips Country, which I had the privilege to review in depth before. Now with this offering, it feels more like a continuation, yet with notable improvements. Yes, the songwriting is still on par with the highest levels Richard Lynch has set for himself, but the instrumentation here feels fuller and more robust. The bottom end on this lead-off single is more pronounced as the walking groove seems to carry this track forward with more momentum. The vocals as well feel more in place when Richard Lynch sings at this quicker tempo, a testament showing the master still can learn and grow as an artist.

As a lead-off track to this twelve-song release, Better Off sets the tone for the rest of the album, which I will be consuming in depth following this first impression review. The production values of this track, as stated earlier, are fuller and deeper while the guitars and other higher register instruments are still free to explore the many musical concepts and patterns that shape the melodies. This highly effective mix thus makes Better Off a perfect addition to any Country commercial radio playlist. Every element of a Country hit is present within this track, so it is no surprise as well, that this track has amassed well over ten thousand streams in less than three weeks. Combined with intricate metaphors, and clever imagery the clarity and expressive views of Richard Lynch make Better Off a sure hit in the Country genre, and I am very eager to review the rest of the Radio Friend album in the weeks to come.