Understanding the Four Cs for Marquise Cut Diamonds

When you buy diamonds from a store, the first things you look for are the cut, clarity, carat weight, and color of the gem. These are the important things that make a good diamond. In the early days, these parameters were vague, but for many years diamond lovers try to buy the right diamond based on these 4Cs. In this article, we are going to discuss the four Cs of Marquise cut diamonds.

A Marquise Cut Diamond

This cut features a long shape that is referred to as a rugby ball or an eye shape. These diamonds vary by different gems, which makes it a very special cut. 

The Cut of a Marquise Cut Diamond

Marquis cut diamond has 57 facets, and it falls under the brilliant-cut category. The pavilion has 24 cuts and the crown has 33.

The Color of the Marquise Cut Diamond

The color is important when you are choosing a marquise-cut diamond. This cut shows more color at the bottom section. A G shade cut will be similar to an H color gem. You can choose a color one part higher with the Marquise cut when you are comparing it with the round shape diamonds. This will give a yellowish color to the precious stone. 

The Clarity of Marquise Cut Diamond

When it comes to the clarity of Rare Carat Marquise Cut Diamonds, avoid a gem that has prominent inclusions in the middle section. Choose diamonds that have inclusions at both pointed edges. If you are choosing the large size, you need to select a better grade clarity. Check the skills of the craftsmanship, because Marquise cut has pointed ends which can easily lead to chipping.

You can always buy lab-grown diamonds than natural ones from Rare Carat to ensure the best quality and price of the diamond. You will get the perfect 4Cs, with the beautiful look of the Marquise cut diamond.

The Carat Weight of Marquise Cut Diamond

The carat weight can be from 0.015CT to 5.5CT, based on the cut mm sizes. It’s important to know that lab-created diamonds are better and more affordable options than natural gems. You will find the best lab-grown diamond selection from www.rarecarat.com.

The beauty of 2 Carat Lab-Created Diamonds

 A diamond is known for its unprecedented beauty. Whatever jewelry you choose for an occasion, if there’s a diamond attached to it, your look will elevate instantly. When it comes to 2-carat lab-created diamonds, you will find the same shine and beauty in the gemstone. It’s impossible to find the differences between natural and 2 Carat Lab Grown Diamonds when you look at them and even hold them for better inspection.

The durability of 2 Carat Lab-Created Diamonds

Lab-created diamonds are made of carbon, the same material a natural gem is made of. This is the same gemstone and the hardest material on earth. Thus, it’s impossible to break the gem. Furthermore, when you buy a certified lab-grown diamond, you will get a warranty on the diamonds, and better choices. 

About www.RareCarat.com

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