Crypgraph Review – A Reliable Broker with Advanced Trading Tools

Crypgraph is an excellent investing and trading platform, particularly if you're an active trader who wants many options, advanced trading tools, and low costs.

Crypgraph is an excellent choice for new and intermediate traders and investors. The user experience is outstanding, and Crypgraph has better charts and trading tools than many of its competitors. You will be happy to know that options contracts are commission-free and crypto markups are on the low side.

You will benefit from commission-free trading in ETFs, stocks, and options. Also, there is no need to pay a direct fee for cryptocurrency trades, which is impressive. The mobile application makes it simple and quick to trade on the go or simply track prices and news for securities and shares you’re following. The trading broker introduced fractional shares in 2019, allowing users to buy specific stocks and ETFs for as low as $5. 

Crypgraph has also beefed up and improved its educational content by providing courses that teach new investors and traders the ins and outs of the dynamic investment world. Crypgraph’s trading platform is available in more than 40 countries. 

Investment Options

Crypgraph offers ETFs, stocks, and options. The best thing is that Crypgraph also gives access to IPOs without imposing pesky minimum account requirements that put off users. However, the trading broker does not support futures and bonds. You can also trade more than 100 OTC stocks.

Cryptocurrency Trading Options 

The trading broker allows you to trade various cryptocurrencies directly instead of as futures as many of the leading brokers require. While you will not pay an explicit commission for using this service, you will need to pay a spread markup of 1% of your purchase price (100 basis points) on either side of a trade. 

You can trade popular cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Cardano, Ethereum, Solana, and Litecoin, with a $1 minimum, and you will be able to trade them around the clock, 7 days a week. The trading broker is working on adding more crypto assets to the over 70 that are presently available to trade. 

Mobile Trading App

Crypgraph’s mobile application is sleek, intuitive, and user-friendly. The app presents graphs, charts, and data in a simple-to-digest format. 

You will also find community features not present on the desktop and web platforms. Other than a couple of counterintuitive icon choices, navigation is certainly a breeze. 

Instant Funding

The trading broker provides instant funding on deposits up to $1,000. It is one of the many impressive features that get you in the game instantly. 

Options Trading

Crypgraph is loaded with options trading tools that you will like. You can easily set up multi-leg trades and see an attractive Profit/Loss graph on the trading position. 

Customer Support

Customer support on Crypgraph is provided on a 24/5 basis and is consistent and reliable. You can reach the support team through live chat, email, or telephone. The trading broker does not have financial advisors, but you can speak with a live broker if you are willing to wait on the phone.

Pros and Cons


  • Crypgraph provides a terrific and seamless user experience across all devices because of its crisp layouts, simple customization, and excellent graphic design.
  • Options traders and investors will be delighted by the broker’s no-cost option trading.
  • Crypto traders have the option to choose from 70 cryptocurrencies.
  • Beginners can benefit from simulated trading and fractional shares.


  • Stock analysis and market research content are thin 

Is Crypgraph Suitable for You?

Crypgraph is an excellent choice for traders or active investors that don’t need hand-holding. The margin rates are competitive, there’s no minimum account size, and you will enjoy zero commissions on stocks, options, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. With a versatile and diverse range of stocks, indices, crypto assets, and ETFs, the trading platform provides robust and advanced features and security for cost-conscious investors. 

New investors and beginner traders who are looking for hands-on experience will find that Crypgraph is a powerful and valuable tool.

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