SKOPE: Dici previews ‘Champagne SHowers’

Who is Dici? The stats speak for themselves. In two years, the Italian-born, Miami-raised, urban pop star managed to accumulate over 2 million streams, with no full-length album and no record label. 

Hold on, Dici releases his work via his own record label DICI Records, which allows him to create with no corporate guidelines and limitations on experimenting. 

From being a quarantined 17-year-old freestyling in his bedroom, Dici evolved into a one-to-watch rising star with 19 singles in his catalog. He continues to show off refined rap verses as well as bolder, more melodic pop production. 

You can hear Dici’s desire for success and constant improvement throughout his discography. On February 17th, Dici is ready to unveil the newest addition, ‘Champagne Showers.’ 

You can listen to Dici’s work below: 

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