How the World Wide Web Has made us Lonelier

In a paradox of sorts, the internet has managed to make us lonelier, not happier or fulfilled. The internet broke all-time barriers and brought people from all over the world into one global space. This has been awesome for business folks and even website owners, but romancing and finding love hasn’t gotten easier. The internet gives people comfort and many enjoy sitting next to a screen as opposed to lurking in bars.

Local and international daters can join UaDates – legitimate Ukrainian dating site for legitimate dating. This approach helps remove some of the struggles encountered on social media handles. These include scammers and other timewasters. There are specific and good-to-know issues regarding the web that are responsible for making us lonelier. These need to be avoided to reduce heartbreak moving forward.

1. Couch potato

The internet was meant to make people more social and introduce them to better interactions. When folks decide to mingle online it gets addictive. The idea is to meet people on the internet and make plans to meet physically. However, most folks have been known to prefer online dating, which can be addictive. It means several folks never leave their homes anymore, at least not for social interactions. This leaves little room to fully get to know someone, and their relationships remain superficial. With time the loneliness gets worse, not better.

2. Fake it till you make it

People take this mantra seriously and practice it religiously. They also fake it a tad much in some cases, while some follow them blindly. Whether these shares are real or not, lifestyles are meant to be copied. When someone feels like their friends are having way better chances at relationships than them, they become reclusive. The internet in this case does not help build self-esteem or make someone happier. They also will become lonelier, not knowing where to find their prince charming or exotic babes.

3. Pool of members

Large databases filled with potential friends can be misleading. The idea of potential doesn’t necessarily mean you are compatible with these folks. Indeed, many social media users have their accounts filled with upwards of 1000 followers. These are only online pals and many of these connections amount to nothing. When you realize that people only follow you for memes it becomes a tad unnerving. The fact that no one on your mutual friends’ list seems like-minded means you remain single and lonelier.

4. Gurus

Nothing wrecks relationships or messes with the mind like alleged gurus. These are not necessarily actual self-proclaimed gurus, but the know-it-alls online. Such people make it increasingly harder to move on with life, especially when you seek their help. Reading blogs or listening to podcasts can help in some instances. However, not every Tom, Dick, and Harry is out to offer sane advice. These types of advice and opinions almost always lead one to the darker side. It means once someone is lonely, they need uplifting, and the internet doesn’t always provide that.

Bottom Line

Making merry online is one thing while seeking problems in your relationship dilemmas is another. While the internet has provided many with long-term companions and friends, it has also destroyed the hearts of many. Everything has its ups and downs and the internet is no different. While navigating the web, pay attention to the side effects listed above. Living a superficial life online is okay if it is manageable and doesn’t replace reality. The opposite is a life with little meaning, fewer friends, and inevitably lonelier.