MTcapitals Review – Robust Assets and Low Costs

MTcapitals is a streamlined brokerage, with a long list of assets and lower costs to appeal to active traders and beginners.

MTcapitals Overview 

Account Minimum $0
Available Assets  Stocks, Crypto, ETFs, Options, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Forex & Commodities 
Trading Platforms Desktop, web and mobile 
Accepted Payment Methods  Bank deposits, credit/ debit cards, P2P
Mobile Compatibility  Android, iOS


MTcapitals is a popular brokerage with thousands of active daily users. Its vast asset selection has continually attracted traders and investors from several states and territories. Besides, MTcapitals’s lower fees and commissions give it a unique competitive advantage over most brokers. One of the special features of its trading platforms is the smart order routing software that automatically executes trades at the best available market prices. However, some users have complained about its slow mobile app and limited educational materials. 

MTcapitals Pros and Cons 


  • Vast selection of trading instruments 
  • Lower fees 
  • Excellent trade execution 
  • Multiple trading platforms 


  • MTcapitals mobile is a bit slow 
  • Limited educational materials 

MTcapitals Top Perks 

Robust Asset Selection 

One of the reasons why many traders and investors are attracted to MTcapitals is its vast selection of assets. The brokerage boasts an incredible mix of domestic and international investment products that enable traders and investors to pursue their chosen investment goals. 

Lower Fees 

Due to their subsidized pricing, investing with MTcapitals also comes with incredible cost-saving benefits. Online stock and options trading on MTcapitals is free, and account holders are not subject to any minimums. 

Excellent execution of trades 

MTcapitals desktop, web, and mobile platforms integrate smart order routing software. The technology automatically routes orders to numerous market centers and executes each leg at the best prices. 

Where MTcapitals Falls Short 

MTcapitals has continually revamped its trading policies and practices to appeal to different types of traders and investors. However, it still needs to improve in some areas you should understand before opting for the platform. 

Mobile app is a bit slow 

Some users have expressed concerns that MTcapitals’s mobile app is slow, especially during account verification. While the broker has promised to fix the glitch, those experiencing problems with the app can switch to the desktop or web versions. 

Limited educational resources 

MTcapitals offers various tutorial videos and articles, but most materials should be better curated to address the commonly asked questions about online trading. 

MTcapitals Usability 

The registration process on MTcapitals is straightforward and similar across all the platforms. The broker does not have account minimums, so you can open an account and test it on any platform without staking real money. 

MTcapitals supports three trading platforms: desktop, web, and mobile. Traders have access to the same assets across all platforms, and the broker has also streamlined the desktop, web, and mobile platforms with almost the same tools and functionalities. That enables you to choose a program that best suits your needs and goals. 

MTcapitals desktop version is quite intuitive, with a breadth of trading features and tools, including screeners, charts, calculators, evaluators, research, news, multi-leg options, and advanced order types. The web platform offers similar functionalities but does not support advanced order types. MTcapitals mobile has limited features and a simplistic design, best suited to beginners. 


MTcapitals is a low-cost brokerage with highly subsidized pricing mechanisms. Here’s a breakdown of the primary transaction fees. 

  • Zero commissions stock and options trading 
  • 0.5% fee for buying or selling crypto 
  • No fees for domestic wires, inactivity, and account closure 
  • Percentage-based currency conversion fees 

Reliability and Security 

MTcapitals’s vast asset selection, lower costs, and multiple trading platforms make it a highly reliable brokerage for all traders and investors. It also scores well in terms of security, with provisions such as two-factor authentication, insurance coverage for selected assets, and cold storage for digital assets. MTcapitals is generally a reliable and safe investment platform, but you should invest cautiously. 

MTcapitals is Best For 

MTcapitals boasts a vast asset selection, multiple trading platforms, and lower fees that target active traders, casual investors, and beginners. Its innovative order-routing software facilitates superior trade execution, allowing traders to get the best market prices. Thus, MTcapitals is suitable for traders and investors of all experience levels. 

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