OCCO Presents New Single ‘Jingle Jangle Diamond Die’

OCCO is a modern art-pop artist based in Miami, FL. His songs explore themes of belonging and loneliness, adventure and escapism, and the emotional consequences of modern life. OCCO’s first single off his “Worth It EP” titled “Jingle-Jangle Diamond Die” is a poetic story told through the visually-rich perspective of a (not) crazy person in a (very) crazy world, preparing themselves to blast off into space and leave modernity behind forever.

The track is a tender blend of Psych and Folk, woven with an innocent vocal melody and dynamic structural changes to create a sense of adventure and instability. The music video is a trippy journey that tells an intriguing story about the complexities of modernity. With mesmerizing visuals, a thought-provoking narrative, and a dynamic soundtrack, it’s an experience you won’t want to miss. Themes of technology, societal pressure, and the search for meaning are woven throughout, making it not just a music video but a commentary on our times. Major thanks to Ionit Studios ( @IonitStudios on Instagram) for making this possible.