Music Adventurer Pete Beat Teases Upcoming Album With ‘Another Galaxy’

The artist with an impressive background of 500 songs written and recorded is about to drop a new album in April 2023. ‘Another Galaxy’ is the first single taken from his fourth album The Strange Museum.
Pete Beat shares an important and personal part of his life in music: mental struggles and schizophrenia. He is not afraid to talk about his diagnosis from 2010, hoping it will help others in the same situation.
In his new release, he praises music and the therapeutic benefits of creativity. More than just making songs, creating music and songwriting have been life-saviors for Pete, helping to deal with the issues which led to the psychotic breakdowns.
Pete Beat is also a software engineer and he imagined an Android/Windows game around his music. Coming out in March, the game will allow people to explore a world, talk to characters, and collect items which give parts to two songs from the album which can then be remixed, including Another Galaxy. Curious to try?