Hosting A 50th Birthday Party: 8 Ways To Make The Big Event Memorable

Hosting a 50th birthday party is a big responsibility. You only turn 50 once, and it is one of the most significant milestones in an adult’s life. As the event organiser, it is vital that you make the party into the perfect celebration and one that the birthday boy or girl will remember for the rest of their lives.

The size and style of the party will depend on your budget. If it is a surprise party, you’ll need to talk to other people close to the guest of honour to see if they are happy to contribute to the costs of the party. If you are organising the party on behalf of the guest of honour, then you should discuss the budget and their expectations based on the funds you have to work with.

Get The Lighting Right

If you’re having the party at a venue, then there will likely already be appropriate lighting in place. However, if you’re planning to host the party in a private home, it is important to pay careful attention to lighting. Bright overhead lights will make the party feel clinical and impersonal. You’ll need to use the lighting to set the atmosphere, so choose warm, gentle lighting from sources like lamps and fairy string lights.

Decide On A Theme

A theme can be an excellent way to bring a party together effortlessly. The style and decor choices can be made easier once you have a theme in mind. For instance, if you choose a beach or seaside theme, then a colour scheme of buttery yellows and sparkling turquoise is a logical next step. The menu can be made up of seafood, ice cream and other beachside favourites. A theme can add consistency to the event that might be missing otherwise.

Look For A Suitable Venue

The venue you choose will largely depend on the budget you have to work with. If your budget is on the modest side, you could consider hosting the party at your home or someone else’s. If you have more of a budget to work with, you could consider hiring out a pub, bar, club or restaurant for the event. You should select the venue with care, as it will also determine the number of people you can invite and what kind of decoration and catering will be required.

Find Some Unique Games To Play

You might think that playing games at a birthday party is for kids, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Playing games can be just as fun for adults as it can for kids, but you’ll need to choose the right games that will engage your guests. Games can also be a great way to break the ice if you have a lot of guests who might not have met one another before.

When deciding on the games to play, it is crucial to consider what the guest of honour will enjoy the most. There are many games to consider, from classics like Charades to whimsical online party games like Jackbox. For an added element of excitement, you could consider organising some casino-style games for the party. Look for sites that have details on different games to try out for a casino-themed party.

Collaborate With Guests For The Playlist

Many people choose to hire DJs for events like birthday parties, but often crowdsourcing the playlist from your guests can make the music more personal and enjoyable for everyone. Make sure to include plenty of the guest of honour’s favourite music and use songs most likely to get people up and dancing. Generating your own playlist with help from the party guests can also be a great way to save money when planning a party.

Get The Perfect Cake

No birthday celebration is complete without a cake and of course you also can’t forget to have a magician for party. The cake can be one of the toughest (and most expensive) things to decide on for the party. If you or the guest of honour knows someone who can bake, you could consider finding out if they would be willing to bake their cake as a birthday present. However, you should be aware that quality crafted and decorated cakes can run into hundreds of dollars, so you should be willing to pay a fair price for any cake made.

It may help to start by finding out the birthday person’s favourite type of cake and any ideas or preferences they may have for what it will look like. If your party has a theme, it is best to choose a cake design that fits in with the overall theme. Discuss ideas with your baker and the guest of honour to ensure the cake is perfect.

Hire A Photographer

Hiring a photographer can be an excellent way to ensure that the memories you make on the big day last for years to come. It is vital to choose a photographer with care, reviewing their portfolios and finding someone with experience shooting the kind of event you’re throwing. It is also a good idea to thoroughly brief your photographer, so they know what you expect and what kind of photos you require.

Offer Party Favours

Party favours can be a great thing to give to guests that will remind them of the party for years to come. Again, your budget will determine how much you can spend on party favours, but even with financial constraints, you will be able to find some excellent choices to give away at the end of the night. You could consider sweet, memorable gifts like flower seeds, miniature bottles of alcohol, or personalised items like keychains or coasters.


Organising a 50th birthday party can be incredibly fun, but it may also feel daunting. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event and one that the guest of honour will remember for years. There is a lot of pressure to get it right, so it is important to discuss your ideas with the birthday person or people close to them. You could also consider getting help from a professional party planner if your budget will cover it, as this can help take a lot of pressure off you and ensure you throw the best party possible.