Benefits of Faux Leather Shoes

Faux leather is one of many names given to artificial or synthetic leather. The reason they have become popular is that they are cheaper and require minimal maintenance. Your faux leather shoes are crafted from polyurethane film used on fabric backing. Then they are treated with the color, texture, and feel of genuine leather.

Owing to the way they are crafted, faux leather comes with a uniform pattern and has higher water resistance than genuine leather. Alongside, the advantages of faux leather are many and so let’s delve deeper into it. 

Imitation leather is reasonable than real leather

The synthetic leather industry is undergoing heavy growth and expansion. The new technology involved in manufacturing makes their look and feel similar to real leather. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to genuine leather, then you may go for faux leather shoes without compromising the quality of the item. Most of them are made from vinyl or polyurethane and can easily last for 5 to 10 years. Faux leather shoes have proven to be a very popular shoe style for retailers such as Xposed London.

Faux leather is animal friendly

It’s no secret that genuine leather is not an eco-friendly product and animals are made to bear the brunt of the product we use. On the other hand, faux leather is never derived from any animal sources. Many people are switching to faux leather shoes in an attempt to end cruelty towards animals and also create a more sustainable environment. 

Faux leather can be created in nearly every shade

Since this leather is a manufactured material, you can find it in hordes of colors and textures to suit your preferences. But with genuine leather, the choice is generally limited. Therefore, more people are switching to polyurethane upholstery as it is the most reliable imitation of real leather that you may get in various styles and textures. 

Faux leather can be manufactured to feature a high-gloss finish

As unreal leather is made in imitation of real leather, it also comes with a high gloss finish that doesn’t diminish over time. This means your pair of faux leather shoes are going to have the same texture and shimmer for years with minimal maintenance. 

Faux leather can be effortlessly cleaned with a wet cloth

Synthetic leather is very easy to maintain as you will just have to wipe down the surface with a damp cloth. If you have to remove hard grime or dirt build-up, then wiping with a damp cloth soaked in a solution of warm water and mild soap will help. 

Faux leather requires little maintenance

Animal leather is hailed for being a high-maintenance and expensive material. And the reason behind this is that they can dry out and give way to cracks if you don’t maintain them right. In case you have genuine leather products you will have to treat them regularly with leather oil. And therefore, opting for alternatives can go a long way without much care. This suggests that your faux leather shoes are going to require minimal care and all you need to do for cleaning them is to wipe with a damp cloth. 

As mentioned, faux leather is typically a lot cheaper and more affordable compared to genuine leather. Moreover, it is resistant to dirt and UV rays and doesn’t lose its shine at all. Above all, faux leather has no relation to animal cruelty and comes out as an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative.