Willie J “The Philosopher” presents his new singles “Thou Shall Not Kill” – “Stop The Killing” – “Let’s Save The World”

Over the past year, the world has experiencing a lot of turmoil, with political tension, war, and other issues plaguing people across the planet. Willie J “The Philosopher” is an outspoken supporter of peace and equality, and he uses his music to make a difference and raise awareness on these issues. His most recent singles are titled Thou Shall Not Kill,” “Stop The Killing,” and “Let’s Save The World.”

“Thou Shall Not Kill”

As the titles suggest, the songs are plea to stop the violence and senseless of war and to remember that we’re all human and we’re all in this together! In addition to the inspiring concept, Willie J “The Philosopher”’s musicianship is on-point, and each song has something special to offer in terms of dynamics, sound, and production textures.

“Stop The Killing”

Find out more about Willie J “The Philosopher”, and listen to Thou Shall Not Kill,” “Stop The Killing,” and “Let’s Save The World” on Spotify or other digital music streaming services.

“Let’s Save The World”