@skopemag Review: Tay Toe Presents New Single “Meet Again”

The reputation of Rap music, like the hip-hop scene that spawned it, was always predicated on the dexterousness of its wordplay and the lyrical deftness. And while too many artists seem to have lost track of this content, as they are, to mumble self-agrandising statements and adopt the status of victemhood and the underdog, Tay Toe is undoubtedly not one of them.

Meet Again is built on lyrical salvos, which ricochet across the top of the beats with honesty and awareness. Within them, there is a rawness and reality; they deal with the stuff of everyday life, and words are drawn directly from the heart, both personal and yet relatable to the listener.

It is the sound of rap where it is today, but it leans into all of the traditions and methods that made the genre great in the first place. The fresh meets the familiar. Perfect!


‘Meet Again’ – Tay Toe (reviewed by Darren Baker)