Barista Presents ‘Billions’

Barista holds nothing back on the wild, carefree attitude of “Billions”. A nice update on the uninhibited attitude of classic psychedelic meets hard rock, the fury possessed on here is palpable. Volume is a given for this is a sound that bludgeons the listener into submission. Everything on here makes it unbelievably heavy. Guitar riffs weigh a ton and the drums hit with the power of a thousand suns. On top of all this already massive approach, there are those vocals. Somehow, they manage to swim through the rest of the din calling attention to themselves in the best way possible. Lyrics too have this captivating aura about them for the verses crash headfirst onto the listener.

From the first moment, they go hard. No buildup, nothing they throw the listener right into the thick of it. The guitars swag back and forth in this joyous attitude. Lots of pure might is brought into the whole of the experience. Plenty of layers enter into the equation and the evolution of the sound makes it become unwieldly. Everything about it deserves to be blasted at the highest possible volume, and the way that it is produced ensures that it benefits enormously for this approach. Going for a pure din by the absolute finish line this is something that lingers on in the mind long after the track has ended.

The sheer stamina of “Billions” revels in the exquisite chops that Barista possess in abundance.