What is Inflatable Christmas arch

Invite your friends (and Santa) to a delicious gingerbread house paradise with this 10ft Gingerbread House Christmas Inflatable. This adorable inflatable Christmas arch will satisfy even the most hungry sweet tooth (not really, it’s just for show). And look how happy our gingerbread friend is to see you! He’s ready to welcome every guest with a smile almost as big as his house. This inflatable gingerbread house has built-in LEDs so all your friends know you’re in the right place. He even has some gifts waiting outside! But he didn’t put them there. I wonder who could have placed them….

Oh, he left a present! This 11-foot inflatable Santa Arch was the one behind Mr. Gingerbread’s house presents. There’s a twinkle in his eye as he gracefully welcomes your loved one into your winter wonderland.This funny Christmas inflatable with his archway built in his LEDs and perfect for the garden. The spot of the season produces his light. Do not keep him waiting! He can’t wait to share more gifts with you.He brought teddy bears for the little ones in your life. Classic Thoughtful Santa! We’re sure these aren’t the only gifts he’s brought.Can you find more in the following inflatable Christmas decoration recommendations?