FATHER/ SON Release Official Music Video ‘PRAY 4 ME’

Talented RnB artists AG Gatling and AMMUNIXON are a ‘father and son duo’, independent artists that came together and decided to collaborate. Both artists are ministers of the gospel, but also in music ministry.

After coming up with the idea and beginning to work on a project together, the feedback has been inspirational and awesome, especially since they really are – father and son.

I got a lot questions But I just can’t figure it out what’s it all about

Solutions coming at me but they don’t care for me tell me what I gotta do, waking up checking my phone checking my e-mail, nothing positive but if you like the details , the church is falling asleep nobody can see, meanwhile I need you to pray for me…

Pray 4 Me, pray 4 me, if you think I’m going back don’t talk about me pray 4 me, or you think I’m going back don’t talk about me pray 4 me, PRAY 4 ME yah Pray 4 me yah pray 4 me yah pray 4 me yah if you think I’m going back don’t talk me pray 4 me

Here I am trying to do on my own again and it never fails how the enemy keeps attacking me, funny how fake friends get to scheming start to preying on me constantly writing the wrong answers down on the mirror for me, grateful that my mom’s heart was bright like Motel 6 so she kept the lights glowing for me cause the only time pray it was to get away with it but God be the glory he had better plans keep praying for me. Pray 4 me …….

Father/ Son’s first single is entitled ‘PRAY 4 ME’. Not only is this track hot, it is only the beginning of what will come out of this incredible but natural collaboration!