The DENIM PROJECT: Classic Rhythm To A Rugged Beat

Justin Haynes the “Fashion Lifestyle Icon” that continues to break new ground using what is seemingly effortless innovation.  One of his latest projects to date encompasses the textured sturdy cotton staple, denim.  Haynes is notorious for his usage of color and blend of patterns to create captivating imagery that is worn and tailored to fitted comfort.

This collection entitled “The Denim Project”, has as much attention to details as with any other and is crafted with the love of style.  With this season’s unique brand of originality this designer tailor brings together hues of spotted, patchwork, denim blue, entrenched with neutral, muted shades of brown.  As if that were not enough to keep your attention Justin takes us down a trip to memory lane crossing over two of the things that bring daily inspiration into our lives.  He bridges music and fashion with a throwback and homage to MTV, a cult classic loved most by artistic creators. 

His retro chic aesthetic is matched with sultry neo music sounds invoking the power of messaging threaded and laced into music. In a time when diverse culture is at an all-time peak Haynes pushes for more.  The Denim project snaps and captures this moment in time with the music artist track “I Will Never Know” by “Tall Black Guy.”  The lyrics open like Pandora’s box “Thought that I was stronger, Ready to change, but when I find the strength to rise up, All the pieces have rearranged.”

The lyrics may be a crypted note to the strength that is necessary for change and the resilience built by starting everyday anew.  The full collection was showcased live December 3rd at the JUS10H Studio partnered with iPhone and Apple in conjunction with the MS Foundation to raise awareness and give back to the community.  

Article: Ezra Jones