Miss Freddye Presents ‘Hey Santa Claus’

A bluesy soul gives “Hey Santa Claus” a swinging style showing off the sheer vigor of Miss Freddye’s voice. The band works wonders serving as the perfect support structure to her lyricism. For there is a jaunty take to the way that the song becomes ever more expansive. Everything about it has a sense of pure beauty to it. Guitar licks perfectly blend with the keyboard vamps. Much of the song has this looseness about it. Interplay draws from jazz as at times each instrument gets its own spotlight for a solo. With this conversational tactic she makes sure that it feels quite natural.

From the very beginning a funky style underpins the groove. This is funk in a rather classic sense as it has this relatively raw disposition to it. Even the call and response aspect of the chorus further solidifies this graciousness. Melodies get elaborated upon. Tempos have a taut quality with each little twist and turn becoming outright beguiling to behold. Word choice matters, because she has this rather pared down language that adds to the sense of purpose. By imbuing the whole song with this sense of love, it really has a lot of fun in terms of the kaleidoscopic array of color. Plenty of color tends to overwhelm for it has that right degree of care behind it.

“Hey Santa Claus” is a playful take on the holidays as Miss Freddye has this true power to it, one that feels doubly refreshing.