Mexican Entrepreneur opens shopping mall in Metaverse

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Mexico is very receptive to cryptocurrency and Web3. They will now see the first-ever metaverse shopping mall. After that, this will get launched to the general people.

Mexico is now the first nation in the world to open a shopping mall in the metaverse. Known initially as Island Shopping Mall, the mall opened today and features 80 distinct brands. The virtual experience will focus on some of these brands, including well-known ones like Momiji, Pai Pai, and Victoria’s Secret.

Bath & Body Works, LA Colors, GOC, Biso, Golden, and LA Girl, were also confirmed at the launch. In addition, according to reports, the metaverse mall’s owners also reportedly announced partnerships with other brands. Adidas, Nike, Puma, Guess, Levi’s, Bershka, and Apple are among these giants in the apparel industry.

On the Island Shopping Mall, each confirmed brand will be divided into categories, with a separate hall for “emerging brands.” Additionally, the confirmed brands will operate in either communal or private settings. Besides, metaverse drive designers look to install up to 800 additional brands onto the stage.

A unique experience for players 

In this brand-new virtual environment, players can shop online and accumulate gems and coins that they can use to get discounts or real-world goods at any of the island’s many stores. Eighty brands have been verified as of this moment. Brand development will be the focus of a separate building.

Among the most notable businesses that have confirmed their participation in the mall’s grand opening are Bath & Body Works, LA Colors, GOC, Biss, Golden, LA Girl, Momiji, Pai Pai, and Victoria’s Secret.

Island Shopping Mall’s creators boasted that they purchased in more than 879 brands. It included Nike, Adidas, Puma, Guess, Bershka,  Levi’s, Apple and others. It was via a partnership with “The Savings Group Limited”. It is a renowned British firm. It specializes in discount coupons.

These brands aren’t afraid to try out the Internet of Things. The company has developed a successful business plan centred on NFTs and the metaverse, and both Guess and Apple have opened stores within the metaverse, despite the vice president of Apple’s dislike for the term.

Mexico’s new metaverse shopping island can be reached 

You can access the brand-new Mexican metaverse shopping mall on mobile devices. They get supported by Google Play or the App Store. A nearby news source stated a few things. First, it is that clients will get this vivid virtual experience. It will be by downloading the application. Users interacted with the recently launched Mexico metaverse shopping platform. They will be able to earn gems and coins besides being able to shop online. At several shopping establishments scattered throughout the immersive world, these tokens are said to be able to be exchanged for additional benefits, such as discount coupons or products. Mexico’s Island Shopping Mall said they worked with “The Savings Group Limited,” a British company specialising in discount coupons, to enable this feature.

The metaverse is no stranger to some newcomers to Island Shopping Mall. Apple is developing its own hardware to take advantage of the metaverse experience. Nike has a broad metaverse strategy and a thriving commercial non-fungible token scheme. Guess, a brand of jeans, has also opened a metaverse store.

Mexico’s crypto popularity is on the fast rise

The Island Shopping Mall reflects Mexico’s fast-expanding crypto and Web3 elements popularity. More Mexicans are turning to digital currencies. It is to get the most out of their earnings opportunities. It is during a time of economic uncertainty and rising inflation. More than 13,000 investors are currently investing in metaverse businesses.

Last month, the country hosted a metaverse-specific boot camp. There all attendees received instruction on various related business models. Lectures and exhibitions got conducted with augmented technology and virtual reality. They used the promotion and adoption of cryptocurrency. These are the two examples.


The market of Metaverse will increase by 670 per cent in the next eight years. So reports state that the global market value of the Metaverse will hit almost $650 billion in 2022.