Fitted Bed sheets – What You Need to Consider When Buying?

A fitted bed sheet gives you maximum comfort with more depth to leave room for a deep mattress. A quality bed sheet ensures protection and relaxation along with the mattress. Then, fitted bed sheets give you the additional support you always want during the night. Then, you need to change the bed sheets after use. According to an article published by BBC, you should change your bed sheets once every week. If you buy the wrong sheet, you will wake up at night on a bare mattress with the sheet slipping off beneath you.

In this article, we will tell you what to consider when buying fitted bed sheets for your bed.

Note the mattress measurements

Though this sounds like an obvious thing, many people end up buying the wrong sheet before taking the measurements of the mattress. So, first, take appropriate measurements of your mattress and if you can’t, take the help of some who can do the job. You can look up online to understand how to take the right measurements. The best way to start is with one of the corners of your mattress with a measuring tape. You need to measure vertically from the base seam toward the top.

When you have a topper for your mattress, measure the top seam to the mattress’s bottom. Make sure you use a 40cm depth so that there is much room for covering the mattress with a fitted bed sheet.

Opt for the perfect bed linen fabric

These days, you will find plenty of options when it comes to linen fabric. They come in a range of colors, styles, sizes, and patterns. Choose Egyptian cotton, also called luxury cotton. The material has strong, fine, and long fibers. It will give a fine and soft fabric feel. Choosing the linen fabric is the essential thing to consider before investing in fitted sheets.

You can also consider Supima Cotton which is sourced from the US. You will love its smooth and rich sateen weave. If you are looking for something classic, then Supima Cotton is your best choice.

Another option is silk bed linen. It has aesthetic appeal and sleeping on something like silk not only gives you a soft feel but also moisturizes your skin, alleviating wrinkles as well as hair damage. This is the best option for your fitted bed sheet.

Deep pocket fitted sheets

Look for deep pocket fitted sheets so that they fit the size and thickness of the mattress right from the top to the base. You need to know about mattress depth before you invest in fitted bed sheets. Once you know, and then go shopping. Many people buy sheets that don’t fit tightly into the mattress.

Go eco-friendly

When everyone is talking about a greener planet, why not implement eco-friendly bedding materials in your bedroom? Yes, always choose environment-friendly fitted bed sheets. Do your part when it comes to making the planet a better place to live in.


Keep these tips in mind when looking for fitted bed sheets. Mattress size, linen material, the right fit, and eco-friendly options are your key considerations.