The Immaculate Crows Release Single “Business Girl” From Album “And Then There Were Two”

The Immaculate Crows Release Single “Business Girl” From Album “And Then There Were Two”

Compelling Australia based Retro Rockers The Immaculate Crows present the new single “Business Girl”, from their recent album “And Then There Were Two” available now on all the major music services.


Founder Bruce Neilsen is a Brisbane based artist who releases music under the name “The Immaculate Crows”. His eclectic catalog includes a mix of Psychedelic, New Wave, Punk and Pop stylings for a unique and interesting final product. The band is a loose collective of musicians who perform the songs that Bruce writes, arranges, produces and performs. Vocalists are all locally sourced Brisbane musicians who vary in age, occupations, singing and recording experience. Some are moms, some are authors, scientists and actors – some are professional singers as well as the above. All vocalists and musicians inject themselves expertly into the song and the lyrics, creating collaborative magic for the listener.

Produced by Carolyn Neilsen, the upbeat and hopeful “Business Girl” was one of the first tunes Bruce wrote and performed as The Immaculate Crows during their inception in the early 1980’s. The composition, which is about women’s emancipation, is also possibly one of the first #MeToo songs ever written.

The Immaculate Crows sound is a little Retro but with its own unique flavor. Listeners have commented that individual songs have reminded them of artists such as Pink Floyd, Santana, Black Sabbath, Jefferson Airplane, Stone Roses, Patti Smith, The Eagles, The Doors and Fleetwood Mac.