What is the best option for a musician – Veal, Chicken, or Eggplant Parmesan?

Of course, with such a question, it will always be down to personal preference, but there are some very valid arguments as to why eggplant-based recipes fit nicely into a musician’s lifestyle. 

To begin with, taking very much an environmental overview, a plant-based diet is something advocated more and more as a tiny part of the solution to the ecological concerns that now face our planet. And, of course, you can add to this the gradual change in attitudes of the population as they turn away in increasing numbers from the practices of battery farming and the veal trade.

But ethics aside, plant-based solutions, particularly eggplant parmesan recipes, have a lot going for any active person, mainly the performer and musician. To begin with, recipes such as stuffed eggplant parmesan (vegans can always find non-rennet options or cheese alternatives) are both light and filling. Pre-performance, such as a dish, provides something quickly digested, leaving you feeling ready to go rather than prepared for a nap. The combination of rice and vegetables is a good energy source, perfect if you are about to jump on stage and rock out.

Then there are the practical elements. When bought as a part-prepared pack, such as from companies such as Minute, they are quick and easy to prepare, requiring little space and equipment. Considering that musicians often find themselves in tiny dressing rooms, cooped up on tour buses, or trying to prepare food in the meager facilities that most studios offer, such an approach towards health and hearty food is a godsend.