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Every hospital specializing in X-ray and surgical procedures requires investing in an excellent C Arm machine.  However, we must recognize that buying a C arm machine is expensive and not easy. These  machines are not readily available, and whether you get a new or used c arm machine, it could cost you  a hefty. Well, no need to worry, as Pacific Healthcare Imaging ensures to offer quality and affordable used C  Arm machines.

About Pacific Healthcare Imaging

This reputable company sells and rents used C arm machines and other diagnostic imaging systems. We are  not just an ordinary company that ships and sells these health facility systems. Our company has great and  experienced experts who inspect the C Arm machines and systems to ensure they are of excellent quality and  function well.

Why buy C arm machines from Pacific Health USA?

We are versatile

At Pacific Health USA, our goal is to ensure that all health facilities are equipped with the right and functional C arm machines for better scanning and even surgical procedures for their patients. We also understand that some companies may not be able to buy brand-new equipment for their hospitals; thus, we sell and rent refurbished C-arm machines. You don’t need to splash thousands of dollars to acquire a new system, as we have used C arm machines.

However, it is crucial to note that our experts inspect and check these machines to ensure they are functional and in good condition. Hence, even if you settle on a used C arm machine, get quality and value for your money. Also, note that we have mini and large portable c arm devices

We sell and hire quality C Arm machines at Pacific Health USA

We only work or buy from top-notch brands that guarantee smooth operation. Our C arm machines and other facilities are mainly bought from well-known brands like; Siemens, Philips, and Sonosite, among others. This also gives our customers a variety of brands to choose from based on their previous experiences.

We offer a test time frame for customers.

We understand that some customers are skeptical about buying refurbished health facility equipment, which is why we have a trial period. Before you buy the machine, we rent it for up to 1 month so you can gauge how it works and see if it will work for your health facility. If you find the machine fitting, you can permanently possess it by buying it. This goes along to show that we are a trustworthy company and we believe in our quality products.

Up to date with tech machines

The tech world is evolving, so health facility machines are also changing regarding functions, operations, and services. As a reputable company, we keep up with the tech advancement to provide up-to-date working machines to make work easier and ensure the patient’s comfort.


You can buy our new or refurbished C arm machines without fear as we offer a warranty after every purchase. In case of any complaint after buying (which is rare), we make sure to look into every customer’s complaint. Your satisfaction is our goal.


If you need quality, durable and efficient C arm machines, Pacific Health USA, C Arm Company is the perfect company to buy from. We are an established company selling quality health facility working machines. Our company offers delivery all around the USA. So contact us if you wish to make a purchase, and we will deliver for you. For an inquiry, contact us at our provided contact details. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have a query or need a guide in buying the machines.