@skopemag Review – Rob Eberle Presents New Single “Reckless (featuring April Rose Gabrielli)”

Rob Eberle offers a hushed, reflective stance on “reckless (feat. April rose gabrielli)”. Storytelling is of the essence on here. The song feels fully lived in, completely real. Elements of folk, chamber pop, and classical enter the mix adding to its sheer immersive quality. A swirling around spirit feels doubly refreshing with each element feeling so vividly real. Parts of Iron & Wine alongside Grizzly Bear certainly factor into the fray. His and her voice carry it the rest of the way. Full of such love the kindness displayed throughout makes it akin to a grand journey. Indeed, he sings from a sense of experience with this situation all too familiar for those who venture out just a little past their comfort zone.

A spry energy runs through the whole of it. He pays close attention to the lost art form of the buildup. Within the sound it becomes ever more expansive. Little elements grow. Exploratory in its nature the song becomes ever larger, and more confident. The intertwining of both of their vocals imbues their work with a sweetness, the sort of thing that truly touches the very soul. For the last stretch of the narrative all of it gets tied together in a beguiling, dreamy way. Vocals here soar up to the sky for one last time, underpinned by the beat resulting in a great brilliant blur.

“reckless (feat. april rose gabrielli)” revels in the exquisitely detailed world that Rob Eberle crafts with ease.