SYMPHONY: An Artistic Approach with an Orchestral Beat

Justin Haynes puts the “style” in lifestyle! The beat in tempo, and the lyrics in music. Widely known and respected in the international fashion world, this designer and tailor brings a new meaning to everyday life as seen on every magazine cover and runway where his creations grace. Founder of the intensely innovative JUS10H brand, and luxury brand Onyx, his out-of-the-box perspectives on fashion and style transform unexpected elements into “modern vintage”, must-see, show-stopping looks for men, women, and children around the world.

SYMPHONY, the quotidian formal collection released a week ago, pays homage to the classic colors of black and white with a touch of pale gray. SYMPHONY reimagines the traditional by delivering a formal fashion orchestra conducted with a casual everyday style. Recently during an interview with Billboard, Haynes stated that, “An orchestra of fashion was built, created and presented to the world, I’m honored to be the conductor”

Music and fashion are the ultimate soulmates. They are intertwined; inseparable. And while music builds orchestras with classic string instruments, designers like Justin Haynes bring you a SYMPHONY of FASHION. Haynes shares this approach as a mentor and international fashion coach, influencing designers in Singapore, Ukraine, London, Argentina, India, and the United Arab Emirate, China, Paris, and France. He is growing his international audience through an innovative media partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) RUNWAY 360 digital platform and the British Fashion Council (BFC). His list of honors continues to grow, with him most recently receiving MTV’s Fashion Innovation Award For Menswear.

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Clothing Brand: ONYX by Justin Haynes

Production Director: Andrew Maxwell – LegacySoundsLLC

Lead Photographer: Scott Parker

Lead Hairstylist: Rebecca Grimes Nealy

Lead MUA: Sassy Smith

Lead MUA: Shar Turner

Pro MUA: Jasmin Moon

Pro MUA: Jessica Eberle

Models: Ellie Matus, Stephon Royal

Stewella Daville, Kenneth Haynes


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