6 Significant Technologies In Online Casino Streaming

The online gambling space is growing continuously and has become rapidly accepted in different parts of the world. Many of the reasons why people would rather visit live casinos to play have been gradually adapted into the virtual world. One of these very advanced features used by online casinos is the live streaming service.

Advancement in online gambling technology has made it possible to play online live blackjack for real money in the US and elsewhere. By adopting several streaming technologies, gambling online is now as good as gambling in physical casinos as the ‘live’ features have been brought to your doorstep.

As a result, online gambling platforms have been able to provide online bettors a chance to enjoy their favorite classic games, such as blackjack and roulette, as though they were in physical casinos with live casino gaming. This hybrid gaming offers premium features that are enhanced by innovative technologies.

Some of the significant streaming technologies that have made this possible include:

  1. Game Control Unit

The introduction of this gaming software is also one of the reasons why casino streaming has been possible. This technology is what enables gamers to be able to communicate with each other in real-time, regardless of physical location.

As your web camera captures your movements and messages, this software receives the feed and transmits it to the gamers you are interacting with. This technology also functions at the speed of light as it encodes your feed and decodes it to feed the other party in less than a second.

The game control unit does not only feed the video data to the other party but also records the live game data. Without this control unit, the entire streaming process would be impossible. This control unit can be considered the CPU of live streaming.

  1. Web Camera

As earlier noted, the web camera is essential to capture the video footage, as it is impossible to send visual messages otherwise. The web camera responds directly to the control unit and ensures that every detail in the gaming process is recorded as it occurs. This technology has been implemented into the recently created laptops, desktops, and phones. With any gadget with good web camera quality, it is now possible to interact with anyone.

With this tech tool, online casinos are able to provide different viewing angles for players to interact with each other conveniently. This also helps remove doubt, as being able to interact with the dealers in real-time assures that you are dealing with another human and not just a computer-programmed bot.

  1. Dealer’s Monitor

This technology has made online streaming easier and has ensured that fair play is brought into the deal and no scam takes place. Just like live casinos have human dealers, this technology puts a more qualified dealer in the picture. More than the human dealer, it has the ability to notice every detail that occurs and cautions when something is going wrong, or anyone breaks the rules.

The dealer’s monitor is unable to take sides and is very impartial. Once any player tries to cheat or ignores the warnings, the dealers’ monitor can kick the player out. So far, this technology has proven to be even more functional than a human dealer, as no one can question its capability. This monitor serves as the eye of the game operator in the entire gambling process.

  1. Optical Character Recognition

The OCR’s duty is to translate every detail of the live game into understandable data. This data is then sent to the control unit for encoding and storage. As each player makes every move, the OCR immediately translates and sends it to the control unit. It also monitors and translates every move a dealer makes during gaming. All of these technologies work in sync to ensure that the streaming process is successful.

Thanks to this technology, it is possible to go back to the very start of the game to confirm if the results were proper or not. Although the results will be proper since there is no room for manipulation in live casino gaming. Regardless, the stored data serves as evidence for people with doubts.

  1. Cloud Computing

This technology makes it possible for online casinos to be functional throughout the day. Regardless of the time you choose to play your games, cloud computing has made it possible to do so even during holidays or lockdowns.

This technology is also what stores the data to ensure that it does not get lost in the gaming process. Casinos worldwide use this technology to record gaming data so it can be easily accessed when needed, making the streaming process faster and less complicated.

In addition, it has enabled players from different parts of the world to come together and play in real-time. More so, the cloud servers protect the privacy of gamers and have made the platforms even more secure.

  1. Microchipped Cards

When playing live card games online, the cards used are usually microchipped. As the dealer handles the cards according to players’ requests, the results are immediately processed and streamed. That way, there is no delay in the process of dealing cards or shuffling.

Similarly, wheels used when playing games like roulette online are also digitized so results can be immediately processed. The results are immediately processed and streamed so players can know the outcome of the games. Of course, the game data is also recorded and stored.


These technologies have continued to help online casinos create elite gaming experiences for their gamers and have influenced the platforms very positively. The tech innovations above are wholly responsible for the entire streaming of live casino games, which has been very remarkable.

Other than the streaming process, technology has been involved in every new development in the industry, especially in the online space. Technology will continue to be advanced, and as long as online casinos do not plan to be left in the past, adopting these technologies will definitely make them around forever.