@skopemag Review – Rob Eberle’s New Single “far”

Lush waves of ambient pop roll over the listener on Rob Eberle’s soothing “far”. The minimalism of the track serves as its main focal point. Everything here possesses such a keen tastefulness. Melodies radiate throughout the entirety of the piece for there is a lighter than air quality. Word choice matters quite a bit especially in an environment where the focus is so solidly on that distinct narrative. Rhythm exists in a naturalistic fashion opting for something pastoral. Despite the clear electronic origins of the sound itself it has a tactile quality one that feels doubly refreshing.

Vocals introduce the piece. From there the rest of the band comes into the swing of things. Everything here has a stellar presence to it. With the pace as the ultimate trick, they move the song along at a casual speed. The elements fade in and out of view. Interestingly there is an ebbing quality to the way it all runs through. By ensuring that every single detail matters there is a lot of loveliness. Done with the greatest degree of care every element wafts on up into the very sky. Such a prettiness to it the whole of the experience absolutely sparkles. His calm throughout has a reassuring presence to it one that informs the message, reinforcing the sheer power of his lyricism.

“far” revels in lovely lyricism of Rob Eberle with a voice that has an almost ASMR-like cadence to it.