Tamas Bulla Presents “Shower Thoughts”

Generation Z has proved time and time again that age has nothing to do with raw talent, and Tamas Bulla is a shining example. The musician, singer/songwriter, and actor’s growing discography highlights that he is the next big thing to hit the airwaves. At age 12, he released “Out of Time,” an emotionally charged pop anthem that touches on the harsh realities of childhood and growing up. His ability to write about profound themes and experiences showcases his ability to connect with audiences on a mature level. Between focusing his time learning the ins and outs of music production at his Votech High School to booking acting gigs and mastering his sound, Tamas Bulla is dedicated to becoming a well-rounded creative. He has come a long way from making beats by drumming on pots and pans as a toddler, and as he enters his teenage years, Tamas Bulla continues to expand upon his natural gift of creating music that speaks to the soul.

They say some of the most remarkable and introspective ideas have been sparked in the shower. There’s something about being left to nothing but your thoughts in a warm, relaxing environment that allows the mind to wander freely. In “Shower Thoughts,” Tamas Bulla takes this experience and pens a song that speaks to this phenomenon with booming vocals and cascading instrumentals. You can feel the intensity reverberate through the speakers with an infectious chorus. The music video has sharp visuals conceptualized by the artist himself, as he sings his heart out under the running shower and dives deep into a backyard pool. Both the song and visuals emphasize the meaning of the song and work together to elevate Tamas Bulla’s creative vision.

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