New Video By Sp8ce Owl “Voices In My Head”

Sp8ce Owl’s music emits from a place reflective of both the past and the future, transcending beyond dimensions. With his initial debut in 2021, Sp8ce Owl showcases his impeccable ability to elevate a musical genre through his creative artistry in a short amount of time. Back-to-back masterpieces such as “Digital Breathing,” “Miami 1987 (Earth 246)”, and “70s Somewhere” offer listeners a break from reality and melt into lush soundscapes. Utilizing EDM beats and electronic melodies as his compass, Sp8ce Owl guides fans into a reimagined version of our dimension. His multi-faceted discography traverses through galaxies, dystopias, and dreams of the future, providing an out-of-body experience.

Sp8ce Owl is known for his eclectic discography that transports listeners to far-out worlds, yet “Voices In My Head” takes a different approach. Grounded on planet Earth, the song reconnects with humanity’s roots. More specifically, the culturally diverse ethnic and indigenous groups found across the globe. Layered in mesmerizing hymns and powerful drum beats, Sp8ce Owl takes tribal music with a touch of EDM to create a harmonious blend of the modern and the historical. The visuals are vibrant, with members of these groups performing ritualistic dances to the sound of the music. With a diverse range of people featured in the video, it provides viewers a look into the beauty of humanity and music as the connection between us all.

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