ROZZZQWEEN Presents New Single ‘Lost 4 Wordz’

The award-nominated R&B singer just released a new song titled ‘Lost 4 Wordz’. Known for her jazzy and unique tone, ROZZZQWEEN takes inspiration in references such as Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse and Billie Holiday. RozzzQween the Brummy’ Extraordinaire has built her sound from trauma, tumultuous relationships and life’s harshest lessons. The artist is singing about proper life experiences, making it easy for everyone to relate to her music and enjoy her sounds.

‘Lost 4 Wordz’ is a true R&B anthem highlighting the pressure women have to go through while trying to prove themselves to a man that they are not even in a relationship with. Whether we realise it or not, we are currently living in a “Pick Me” culture that has women feeling as though they have to be molded into the general shape of man’s wants.

With this song, ROZZZQWEEN empowers women who are tired of reshaping themselves. Her powerful voice combined with down-to-earth lyrics and a catchy tune makes it easy to fall in love with the music.

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