Sponge mattress is good? How to buy?

Now we can not sleep without a mattress, mattress is also a lot of different kinds of mattresses, sponge mattress is one of them. However, many people sponge mattress is not very well understood, that sponge mattress is good? How to buy a sponge mattress? The following and SweetNight sleep experts to see together.

Sponge mattress is good or not?

Sponge mattress has a high resilience, high compression load ratio, some fire or flame retardant cotton also has a better resistance to fire, their use is relatively wide, can be used to make sofas, home furnishing sponge accessories and so on. Sponge mattress also has a soft and lightweight, especially suitable for people who often move.

Relative to other mattresses, sponge mattress than too soft, people lying down can not form the force of the lumbar support, resulting in long-term tension in the lumbar muscle, long sleep sponge mattress will cause lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc protrusion and other diseases; In addition, the sponge mattress breathability is very bad, and can not be good heat dissipation, is not conducive to human health.

Sponge mattress can absorb the weight of the body, so that it is concentrated in the internal, if there is no cold air in summer, the back is easy to grow prickly heat, and the temperature is too low will make the mattress hard if it is under the more serious strong situation, it may make its long mattress becomes small, thus leading to deformation.

How to buy a sponge mattress?

1, Density 

Mattress foam density must reach 30-40 for the standard. If you observe with the naked eye can see the pinhole of the foam, the smaller the hole the better the density.

2, Elasticity

Pure sponge feel delicate and smooth, adulterated so that the false sponge feel rough, very poor elasticity; seemingly the same thickness and hardness of the sponge, adulterated so that the false sponge is easy to squeeze the depression, sit down for a long time to pop up; pure sponge support strength, long extrusion is also very difficult to deform.

3, Price

Adulterated so that the fake sponge due to the addition of stone powder, greatly reducing the cost, low price; pure sponge application of polyurethane materials, compared to adulterated sponge, the price is expensive.


The length and width of the mattress should be enough, because everyone sleeps will turn over, to leave enough space for free personal flip. Pillow placement space, reduce the sense of pressure when sleeping, the figure of too tall people are recommended to buy extended size mattress.

5, Style modeling

You can choose a personalized bed with additional features as needed, but should consider whether the additional features are really practical, after all, the bed is mainly used for sleep.

Although the sponge mattress is relatively soft and comfortable, but therefore easy to have an impact on health, and its breathability is not strong, can not be good heat dissipation. But a good sponge mattress is still good, when buying and selling can be based on the density of the mattress, elasticity, price, size and style to pick, so that you can choose a better sponge mattress. At the same time, we recommend a Quality Gel Memory Foam Mattress, you can get the best foam mattress quality sleep experience.