‌Saiteerth – India’s 1st Devotional Theme Park In Shirdi

The great state of Maharashtra is filled to the brim with beautiful landscapes and historically important towns, the land of saints, and the land of warriors. Nestled away in the eastern part of this state, 250kms from Mumbai and 150kms from Pune, lies one of the holiest cities in India; Shirdi. Pune to Shirdi cabs is generally the most preferred choice for travellers headed to Shirdi.

Devotees generally visit Shirdi multiple times a year, making it one of the busiest yet, the most spiritually settling and satisfying temple towns to visit all year round. Shirdi exudes peace and radiates spirituality and positivity from the minute you set foot inside to long after having departed the town. Most devotees from various walks of faith and life make their pilgrimage from all over the country to the town to find solace in the divine grace of Sai Baba and the holy city of Shirdi.

Upon approaching the Saiteerth theme park, its grand facade with inscribed pillars and a huge portrait of Sai Baba adorn the entry walls and are sure to catch one’s eye. The grandiose scale and the sheer architectural magnificence of the structure do not fail to impress. Upon furthering inside the huge estate, there are 4 major attractions to be seen. These attractions are the Dwarkamai, the Teerth Yatra, the Lanka Dahan show, and the Sabka Malik Ek theatre.

The Dwarkamai

The best, highest quality animatronics that bring Saibaba back to life and interact with you. This show brings to the visitors the best technologies of the 21st century, complete with state-of-the-art robotics and shows that control tech is sure to take one’s breath away.

A rendition of the original 100-year-old Dwarkamai structure has been recreated for the event and seats up to 250 visitors.

Lanka Dahan

A 5-D experience based on stories of the life of Lord Hanuman and the infamous tale of Lanka. This movie experience is sure to thrill you to your very core as you experience it in 5D, with elements of nature – air, water, sound, and touch further adding to your viewing experience.

Teerth Yatra

This ride takes you through the greatest of the temples, dispersed through the length and breadth of the nation, all in one breathtaking ride. From the North, inhaling the sheer magnificence of the Kedarnath and Badrinath temples, to staring in jaw-dropping admiration at the Tirupati and Meenakshi temples.

The legendary Dwarka temple in the West, the mythical Puri in the East, and ultimately the Kashi of the South, Pandharpur. This one-of-a-kind ride is your one-stop pilgrimage across all destinations of devotion across the glorious temple nation and is guaranteed to be an overwhelming experience.

Sabka Malik Ek

Indulge yourself in an hour-long film on the life of Sai, as it’s screened multiple times a day on the massive 74 by 36 feet huge screen. With the highest degree of emphasis on experience and quality, moviegoers are certain to be delighted with this presentation.

Shirdi is truly a world unto its own. And it’s nothing short of an honour to have experienced the splendour of Sai Baba at his final resting place. The people, the culture, the harmony, and the undying devotion are all factors that contribute to the spirit of Shirdi. Allow the freedom to soak in all the spirituality that’s come your way by booking a car rental in Pune to drive you back home to your newfound new spirit.