@skopemag Review – ADELINE Presents ‘Like It That Way EP’

A pure party atmosphere reigns supreme on “Like It That Way” for ADELINE celebrates the communal spirit of the dancefloor. Beyond the obvious nods energetic pop house, they incorporate elements of R&B, soul, and more into the fray. Her voice takes front and center stage from which all else radiates. Layer upon layer interacts to create this vast, all-consuming realm one that feels fantastic. Volume is a must for these songs need to literally vibrate the body. Designed for large open space there is something absolutely gleeful with the way she holds nothing back.

Things start off with flair on the sweetness of “Higher (feat. EvenOut)”. Elements of funk underpin the track as the buildup of the track feels truly happy. Coming into focus very quickly “Never Tell” has a symphonic quality to its sound. Lighter than air “Stay In My Dreams” has a delicacy to it, complete with skittering beats to further drive the message home. Giddy energy pops through on the infectious “Like It That Way” complete with lovely little flourishes that have such happiness. Yearning defines the romantic tenderness of “Choose Me”. Going for an organic quality is the delicate “Breathing Again – Piano Version”. Her live performance gets some attention on the rather contemplative “Choose Me – Live at Deep Rock Originals”. Nice powerful beats propel the whole of “Like It That Way – Latino Remix” closing things off on a high note.

“Like It That Way” is a delirious sound, with ADELINE’s lyricism washing over the listener in a joyous, colorful way.