Phil Hurley Flying High with ‘The Firebird Sessions’

Phil Hurley is an accomplished musician with an extensive background in music. Phil has been playing in rock bands with his brother since he was eight years old and he started playing professionally in New York at just 14. The art of music obviously runs through his blood and consumes his soul and now we, the audience, are privileged to get a chance to check out his latest EP titled ‘The Firebird Sessions’.

To think, this project was almost lost due to a hard drive crashing, but technical issues could not stop the release and birth of ‘The Firebird Sessions’. This 5-song record features Phil Hurley and his trusty 1966 Gibson Firebird guitar as he also handles lead & harmony vocals on ‘The Firebird Sessions’. Phil even has an impressive band backing him on this new release and they are: Ben Zuniga on electric guitar, Pete Langhans(Mother Truckers) on drums and percussion and Trevor Soertaerto on bass guitar. Phil Hurley & company have created five, standout gems that deserve attention and recognition.

The EP kicks off with “Failing Heart” that is far from heartbreaking as Phil delivers rockin’ guitar riffs and a rock-solid beat. “Failing Heart” contains that rock ‘n’ roll spirit and high energy in what can best be described as a fun-filled atmosphere. “Failing Heart” has all the right ingredients toward becoming a popular single. Next, we hear a lively number called “I Don’t Miss You” where Phil Hurley will keep you on your toes with one, cool performance for the ages. Phil Hurley is bringin’ it on home with “I Don’t Miss You” and so you don’t want to miss out on this must-hear jam. On track three, “Questions of the Ages”, one will receive a distinct sound, powerful delivery and catchy melody making this a real, standout moment. Moving along, the listener will hear “Border Town Girl” next where Phil is vocally in control and delivering a powerful performance. Prepare to head out West on “Why Wyoming” as Phil Hurley closes the show with style & finesse. Enjoy this wide open, musical landscape of “Why Wyoming” as you roam through all the lush valleys and peaks. Phil Hurley is in the zone on “Why Wyoming” and proves it by way of strong vocals, lyrics and instrumentation.

Phil Hurley has played with many talented acts over the years, but it is safe to say that Phil is now in the spotlight with “The Firebird Sessions’. Phil has tapped into something special here and the entire world will take notice before it is all said and done. ‘The Firebird Sessions’ is one enjoyable listen and a real treat and solidifies the fact that Phil Hurley is here to stay!

By Jimmy Rae