P Bailey Presents ‘Shine’

An insistent beat propels “Shine” showing off the exquisite nature of P. Bailey’s lyricism. The hybrid approach to the work brings together elements of pop, techno, R&B, and more into this strange brew. Beats virtually bounce off the walls with the song swirling about in a wonderful swimming style. Verses cascade downwards. Word choice matters a great deal with the attention to detail proving profound. Everything about it has a great happiness about it. Opting for pure optimism the song has a sunny disposition to it.

Beats hit hard for there is a heaviness to it. Skittering about his voice enters into the fray quickly. The track feels wonderful and it is easy to get lost within all of it. Everything about it goes for a sense of pure joy. With this celebratory spirit the song runs through in a fantastic fashion. Balance is of the essence for he makes sure that every line counts. Grooves offer an economic steadiness to it for they make sure it all feels quite grand. Magnificent in its tenor the song has a sweetness to it. Encouraging lines like “It is time to shine” feel natural, motivational, and rather appropriate given the weirdness of this moment in the world. Lots of energy gets expended and burned through over the course of the entire journey.

“Shine” shows off P. Bailey’s uncanny ability to craft a world that has such a vivid realness about it, one undoubtedly wonderful to behold.