Martin and Rose Music New Album ‘Dear Heart’

Martin and Rose deliver folk music for families with “Dear Heart”. A nice slice of Americana there is an innocence to their sound. Arrangements feature a joy to be found amongst the many pieces. Every track builds off the last resulting in a soothing, rich sound that feels so warm and inviting. This is the sort of album that bridges the gap between adult and children’s music, with something that satisfies both groups. For the whole of the experience, it is easy to get immersed within the many different layers that enter into the mix.

Rhythms go for a galloping stride with the burst of energy that is “Half Right”. A nice slice of classic rock takes shape as “Duck Boots” features a glee about it, with the descriptive elements bound to put a smile on anyone’s face. “Dream” has a gentle disposition as field recordings further adding to the liveliness of the atmosphere. The fragile presence of “It’s A Small World” has a sweetness to it. On “Big Dog” they bring ramshackle tempos as the song worms its way through a dog’s life. Arrangements have a stripped-down presence with “Cool As You”. Done with so much dignity “Goodnights Aren’t Goodbyes” have a kindness to them. Bringing the whole thing home comes the epic scope of “Dear Heart”.

“Dear Heart” shows off the storytelling abilities of Martin and Rose for they create a light, bright, and cheery universe that is a pure joy to be dropped into.