What Does a Comprehensive Home Warranty Cover?

Comprehensive home warranties offer coverage for all major systems and appliances in the home. Homeowners can find great packages that make coverage more affordable and give them discounts and lower rates for repairs and replacements for HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems as well as appliances. A home warranty can give them more protection for these systems and cover what a homeowner’s insurance policy can’t. Find out what is covered by a home warranty and why you need one.  

Coverage for the Heating and Cooling System 

Home warranties provide coverage for the heating and cooling system, and the homeowner can set up repairs or a replacement for either system if they need repairs or if an HVAC system fails. At the first sign of a problem, the owner contacts the home warranty company to set up an inspection.

The pre-screened HVAC service provider comes to the home, inspects the heating or cooling system for issues, and explains what repairs are needed or if the system should be replaced. Home warranty companies get an estimate from service providers and tell the homeowner how much the services cost after the warranty discounts are applied. Talk to 2-10 HBW about a home warranty and how much you can save on HVAC services. 

Managing Appliances in the Home

Homeowners get coverage for major appliances with a home warranty. The coverage applies to appliance repairs, maintenance, and replacements. Home warranty companies work with pre-screened suppliers to help homeowners get affordable appliances and services, and suppliers offer new appliances in a variety of styles and colors. The only drawback is that some warranties might limit the owner to specific brands and models, depending on what the supplier has to offer.  

Discounts On Maintenance Services 

Home maintenance is necessary to ensure all major systems operate as expected and give the homeowner many years of use. In most home warranties, there is a clause that explains what maintenance services the owners must set up each year to maintain these systems. Annual electrical, plumbing, and HVAC inspections are necessary to find problems before the systems fail, and maintenance tasks must be performed to maintain coverage.  

Pre-Screened Service Providers

Home warranty companies pre-screen all service providers before recommending them to clients, and the screening process involves a complete assessment of the quality of services provided. They will not recommend any service providers that have a history of inferior repairs or replacement services. All service providers must meet the home warranty company’s high standards.  

An Affordable Annual Premium

Homeowners can get coverage for a variety of services through the warranty. The warranty companies offer a number of packages that are affordable for most homeowners, and the customers can review these packages according to what they want to add to the warranty. On average, home warranties can range up to $350, but homeowners that cover all major systems in the home plus appliances need a comprehensive estimate from a home warranty company.  

Home warranties are terrific products, and homeowners need the coverage provided by these warranties. Instead of paying full price for new appliances and installations, homeowners get significant discounts and save a lot of money on repairs and replacement options. Home warranty companies define the terms of the warranties and give owners estimates for all services. Read more about home warranties to protect your home and get generous savings.