New Video By Deige “Letter To My Past”

Rap and hip-hop are in Deige’s blood. With an uncle and a cousin fully ensconced in the genre, he’s always had great familial encouragement and support to set foot into the booth. But – as a quiet introvert who never considered himself a singer – he began his creative pursuits in the world of poetry. In his private written words, he learned to embrace his voice and his feelings. Once he put them to a beat and shared them with others, Deige’s passion for music took off. He started taking it seriously in 2019, debuting his single “Hasta Luego.” Deige stands out with songwriting and a relentless work ethic that come straight from the heart. He’s pursuing his passion for all the right reasons – not just for fame and fortune but making his family proud, especially his late grandfather (who was Deige’s biggest fan). His productions are fun and upbeat yet pack deep meaning, emotion, and purpose. More than a rapper, Deige is a well-rounded artist with a vision and so much to say to connect with audiences going forward.

His latest single, “Letter to My Past,” perfectly showcases these attributes. He wrote the lyrics from a dark time in a past relationship, where he constantly tried to prove his love, but his partner didn’t reciprocate the efforts. Amidst a whirlwind of mixed feelings, he realizes that love doesn’t need to be proven through material objects. Listeners can also hear that Deige comes to terms with focusing on yourself: your passions aren’t toxic or selfish; rather, they’re a natural human necessity. These lessons are exemplified as early as the first verse: “I can’t settle for you baby. You’re not my only. I’m not toxic. I’m just waiting, baby.” Deige makes it known that he has a lot of love for his partner but that his love has to be shared and balanced with his music. Grateful for his internal enlightenment, his self-focus and self-value being divided with external priorities can be applied to his present and future love and life happenings.

There was no better option for this video than to go the lyric video route, as the rolling clips bring this letter to Deige’s past into existence. The words fill each page and organically reveal new details – as if Deige is drafting this how-to guide with all his gained wisdom to his less-knowledgeable self. Wrapped around the words are photos and keepsakes aligning with vivid recollections and the understandings taken away from these memories. Interestingly enough, all the displayed Polaroids were taken by one of Deige’s dearest friends, adding to this already personally vulnerable product with a catchy yet powerful story that audiences will surely appreciate.

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