Best Photo Booths to Rent For Kids Party

Hiring a photo booth is a great way to add a bit of fun to your kids’ parties. Children tend to be restless and require more stimulation than adults. Plus, the photos they take will make the occasion more memorable.

However, there are many types of photo booths you can hire. But many of them are not suitable for kids’ parties. The booths suggested in this article are fun at parties and easy to hire and set up.

Open Air Photo Booths

A Open Air photo booth rental is ideal for a lot of occasions, and children’s parties are not an exemption. They are super easy to set up, will cost you little money to hire, and can accommodate large groups.

Open Air booths also come with the additional advantage of supervision. With a closed booth, it can be hard to know what the kids are up to. Open booths allow you to monitor the kids’ movements and keep everything under control.

You can easily set up the 360 photo booth Bay Area with limited space, and they don’t have to elaborate. Some open-air booths are bare-looking with just the essentials- computer, camera, and printer.

If you want something sleeker or in line with the theme of the party, then you can get one to suit your needs.

Green Screen Photo Booths

Kids are notorious for their incredible imagination. They can transport themselves to worlds only they can see. One way to complement this imagination is by hiring green screen photo booths.

Green screen photo booths can transport kids to near and far away locations. They could suddenly be the star in their favorite TV shows or have a selfie with their favorite actor. The possibilities are endless.

A green screen booth becomes even more appropriate if the party is a theme party. Just make sure the kids have a variety of backgrounds. They are bound to have a lot of fun with this photo booth. The good thing about them is that they do not cost a lot to hire and set up.

Augmented Reality Photo Booths

The point of most parties is to have goofy fun, and with kids’ parties, it is especially so. One fantastic way of adding to the fun is by hiring augmented reality photo booths.

AR photo booths are still a novelty, but there is no doubt that they will soon become trendy. These days, kids are familiar with instant filters from apps like Instagram and Snapchat. This should make interaction with AR booths easier.

The AR software allows the kids to choose between various fun and interactive props. The camera tracks facial movements to capture hilarious moments. The children can express their creativity with the way they mix and match props.

With classical booths, you often need to provide props for those taking the photos; with AR booths, the props are digital. The interactive props will save you additional costs; every dollar is vital.

Magic Mirror Photo Booths

Mirror Photo booths take the shape of a six-foot length two-way mirror. The camera stays behind the two-way mirror and shoots through it. A magic screen lies behind the other end of the mirror and flashes cool animations.

This phone booth appeals to kids’ imagination and creativity and will surely be the party’s hit. The machine prints pictures instantly, and the kids can show off their incredible photos.

Precautions To Take When Using Photo Booths in Kids’ Parties

Photo booths can add to the fun of any kids’ party, but they still have to be used the right way. The last thing you would need at your party is for your booth to descend into chaos. Do these three things to prevent this from happening:

Set Ground Rules

The worst mistake you can make is to allow your booth to be a free-for-all site. With children, it is so easy for things to go south quickly. Making ground rules and informing everyone about these rules will make for seamless usage.

Hire a Good Booth Attendant

For rules to mean something, you must enforce them. Considering that you are the host, it could be challenging to monitor the booth at all times. Hiring a good attendant will keep the booth running smoothly and prevent any abuse or damage to the booth.

Choose Proper Location

Choose the right location to improve booth usage and provide the perfect photo from the booth. Consider traffic and light situations when setting up your booth.


Photo booths are a fun way to liven up your kids’ party if used correctly. With so many options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Considering some of the booths in this article and applying the precaution will help you hire the best photo booth.